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Metroid Dread Review – Is It Worth Playing?

Samus returns in Metroid Dread, but is her first major appearance on the Nintendo Switch worth playing? Join us for the official GI review as we break down the highs and lows of the gaming icon’s newest adventure!

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  1. Why hasn't my pre-order arrived yet?? I need to play this game! Lol. Needless to say I am quite excited to get back into 2D Metroid, and finally experience the Dread.

  2. Hey regarding your editing, gameplay should never be cut off to give a power point title screen for the review. Should use text overlay in the corners or middle. The duration was far too long on that blue title screen.

  3. Hi! How hard did you think it was? As a medium-skilled gamer I just want to know if I could get through it 🙂 like, what kind of games do you compare the difficulty-level to?

  4. Looking forward to this shit. Normally I use any online info available to blaze through games in mass quantities, but for this one I want to appreciate the design more and find shit for myself.

  5. looks and feels like a remix of metroid fusion. I really don't get why people don't see this. It brings nothing new to the table. Overpriced, and overhyped yet again.

  6. Absolutely loved the game!
    Got early access.
    My only concern is that I completed it in 7 hours. I just wish it was longer with some extra content beyond the main playthrough

  7. This is the best review of the game I've watched, showing more than just the same gameplay we've all seen before and explaining it in more depth than the others. And it's shorter too, good work!

  8. yeahh, the game looks pretty for sure, but i would NEVER buy such a simple looking platformer(even with a metroid theme) for 60$… this is the shit nintendo is trying to throw at us after metroid prime 4 was pushed back or even got cancelled(a buddy of mine told me its definitely been canceled, but couldn't find the source saying that). I absolutely love the metroid series but again… AAA price for a platformer? That's insane imo. Sorry if i ruined the excitement on this game for some people, this game just makes me angry/sad. (T-T)

  9. While I don't agree with the minor grievances about the upgrades being underwhelming. This was a good and fair review. I think this might be my new favourite 2D Metroid game of all time.

  10. Another excellent review ! Loved the background music, the description felt fair and the video transitions where on point ! Bravo ? Game informer !!!! While I do miss your old hard copy magazines growing up as a kid you guys are doing an amazing job keeping its spirit alive !!!!

  11. The E.M.M.I. encounters just become annoying. I think there'd be more of a sense of dread if they made them more cunning, but the escapes are actually timeable. Getting caught and just being like "w/e, kill me." wasn't conveying the vibe.

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