History Of Far Cry

With the release of Far Cry 6, we went back to the beginning to chart how Ubisoft’s open-world franchise evolved from tech demo to AAA behemoth.

Far Cry had humble beginnings. It started life as a tech demo made by then-unknown developer Crytek and, over time, managed to become one of…

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  1. Yes i have one of the first farcry games,,,,,, it's the island one with them weird creature things. ,,,,,,,i really loved it,,,,, 50 out of 10 ,,,????????????????????❤❤❤❤ fantastic. ,,,, i still play it now and then.

  2. I feel like I live in an alternate universe. I don't ever remember Far Cry being a big franchise, none of my friends played it, I've never been aware of hype for the release of one. I was born in 89 so I feel like I'd be right in the pocket for these games.

  3. The first far cry was the best for me. Changing into a monster with superpowers to mess up the enemy. they should go back to the original formula. Far Cry games are creating nothing new, but that first game with the mutated enemies and a mutated game character was excellent. They should remaster it.

  4. I have no idea what you guys are talking about in Far Cry 4. The game is about 15 minutes long and does none of that. You simply go into the temple, sit there for 10 minutes, then spread the ashes and the game is over.

  5. Joseph Seed didn't set off the nuke. If you listen to the in-game radio you'll hear the host talk about tensions between the US and russia (maybe it was china, I don't exactly remember).

  6. I will never undestand why people didn´t like Primal, its so cool having to really be more stealthy than usual.
    Changing the subject, I don´t know why, but I am feeling the 6th one, very like… weird? I feel the enemies on the island don´t even know who the protagonist is when they walk by, even though Castillo is always saying on the speakers that Dany is wanted and blah , lah, but they don´t even react to you. Also the missions feel unimportant, like in a RPG game, that you don´t really have an impact on the map, it justa ctivates missions, but it does not change at all. But Ipm enjoying the game as hell

  7. You almost had a perfect video up until farcry 5, it wasn't meant to be pro right, it was meant to be pro American. See, out here in the sticks away from you ivory tower snobs we actually have alot of fun. We go mudding and have bbq's with 100s of people. We like our guns because that's how we eat half of the year. You forgot to mention that the radical lefties went apeshit when they heard the game wasn't hunting down conservatives. Oh well, wouldn't expect you people to understand anyway. Hope you get all the immigration your tiny towns can handle

  8. Bringing up the political stuff always bugs me, doesn't need to make a political statement to be a good game. most of us play these games to detach from reality not have more political messages thrown at us. And that goes for messages from both sides.

  9. I just fell in love with this idea, what if there was a game set in a Haitian revelution type scenario? The player character could be a recently transported slave that was both a revolutionary and a warrior… you could have incredibly sharp farming equipment like single handed sickles for cutting stalks! you could have improvised weapons like in fc5, the aesthetic of all of the games, the melee and projectile combat of primal, the liberation of slaves could be like fc3, and you could get higher quality weapons from killing soldiers and ranchers…GAH I NEED THIS GAME.

  10. im not sure if its mentioned in the video since im still at the paradise lost chapter, however far cry 6 has a mission with that same name that is probably an easter egg

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