Gotham Knights: Everything We Know So Far

Gotham Knights will let you play as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood and is set in the wake of Batman’s death. The Bat-family faces its biggest challenge yet, as they face off against the Court of Owls. Here are all the details about WB Montreal’s upcoming open-world action title.


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  1. Even if this game won't be good, I just hope we get good figures for them. That Jason design is one of my new favorites of his

  2. I'm sure the whole story is Bruce Wayne had to go undercover into the Court of Owl's but needed to sell it so he brought in the Bat Family and Batman will show up later in the game.

  3. Cant lie I'm actually really pissed off batman isn't making another game right now, and he's dead, Arkham knight was such a good game they should have done another one its so pathetic, always when a game is made that works they go and ruin it

  4. I already know they'll be a twist where its revealed batman goes underover in the court of owls and he's not really dead

  5. Batman is not dead. He is the Villan in Gotham Knights. They have to find an antdote to save him from what the court of owls injected in him.

  6. As good and underrated Arkham origins was , the entire setting back then was a little bland . Hopefully the developers will use the Arkham knights engine for Gotham knights …

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