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First Look At The Driving And Car Combat In Saints Row (Exclusive Gameplay)

Today we’re showing off an exclusive first look at the reboot’s revamped driving system, which includes new ways to engage in car combat! I played a build of Saints Row for several days last month, and the vehicles of Santo Ileso were a joy to…

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  1. This game is looking promising I don’t know why there’s so much backlash now no one can call this game a gta clone it’ now deserves it own class I like this reboot more than saint row 3 and it’s a combination of Saints Row 3 and 2 I can’t wait to get my hands on this game for the ps5 it’s going to be amazing I’m so hyped for this game and Gotham Knights 2022 is looking good for this day and age after struggling through this global pandemic we are finally clinging back to our old lives again

  2. I feel sorry for the devs – they are showing off the best graphics, driving and combat that saints row has ever had. And they are still NOT getting a great response from the gamers. I have a couple of friends who have never played a saints row game and they are genuinely excited for this game. They think it looks fun. The people I know that are Saints Row fans all hated the male gang member character designs as they didn't seem like believable criminals in the cinematic trailer. Personally I want to see some gameplay "in context". I need to know if the story and missions and activities are going to make me feel like I am a real crime lord gangsta in this new city.

  3. This looks good besides the characters I don't really like the way the characters look it's weird and ik why but those are weird characters to look like that for this type of game I hope there's good fist combat as well , I did like the superpowers and guns perhaps on a dlc or another type of saint rows game

  4. This is SO BAD in so many ways. Looks like a game from 2007.
    What is this ? Fortnite woke row ? where are the gangsta ???? consistency ? allo ?

  5. I don't quite get it, do we play solely as our own created character or are we forced to switch playing between our own as well as all of these characters, like GTA 5?

    I don't see the point of creating our own character if we only get to play it outside of missions, or during only some missions.

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