Firearms Expert Reacts To Battlefield 2042 Beta’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of the Battlefield 2042 Beta, including the KRISS Vector submachine gun, and the SIG MCX Spear.

In the latest video in the Firearm Expert Reacts series, Jonathan Ferguson–a…

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  1. At the 22 minute mark, that attachment is a rendition of the Recover Tactical picatinny system that serves fixes the problem of Glock not using a standard pic rail even with the current Gen 5. I have one for my G26 so it can mount a flashlight. Seems fitting that even in 2042, Glock would still pretend that the picatinny rail doesn't exist and that the aftermarket would serve the solution.

  2. There was a BF2 Special Forces expansion pack that had ziplines and a grapple hook gun but from memory that only created a line that you could then scale, don't think it let you swing about like Batman.

  3. I don't know if Jonathan will see this, but I would love to hear his take on the 10mm as a viable battlefield magnum round. I'm not sure it counts since the development went from big to small and not the other way around, but it is one of the largest autoloading calibers

  4. I would love to see a review of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's weaponry. The weapons can be seen in 3rd and 1st person view as well as the model viewer which offer a close look at the highly detailed & realistic models. It would be interesting to see what Jonathan thinks of them as there are a lot of guns that are a combination of existing firearms as well as a selection of more fantastical weapons.

    Thank You for your work!

    I get a vast amount of entertainment from these videos. <3

  5. Yeah, well, realism doesn't go well with games that appeal to casual gamers and sadly, mainly kids
    And if they were going for realism, you wouldn't be hit by any of these guns and continue running like they do. No, Battlefield chose to go the CoD route and become a shooter for kids

    btw, the reload message is more like, "oh, in case you've just picked this weapon up, it's already been used and is indeed not loaded and ready". It's not unrealistic to expect that you might have to pick an anti material weapon up from a fallen ally in an actual combat situation

  6. They messed up the spear's charging handle. They gave it a charging handle on the top much like an m4 but the spear actually has one on the side more like an ak. They actually gave it the correct charging handle on the gun but they also gave it an unnecessary and innefective charging handle on the top

  7. Revolver cylinders are a stable internal dimension as long as you're not dumping heat into them. The fired round, its brass case (or perhaps plastic, e.g. .410) expands and (fire) forms a tighter fit/more friction in the cylinder. The stickiness varies with ammunition and firearm design, manufacture. Also, if it hasn't been cleaned, carbon, chemical, and/or metal fouling can make brass reluctant to yield to gravity or inertia. For those who reload their brass, sizing lubes and waxes may also make the round stick.

    I've never tried that administrative reload method, and I'm not tempted to. I'll leave the fancy wheel gun stuff to Jerry Miculek.

  8. I reckon one of the main things i love about Jonathan's videos is being a gamer himself to a degree his ability to scrutinise the weapons from a sort of nerd picking at movie inaccuracies point of view rather and still keep the light hearted view of things rather than making it seem like a long and dreary history lesson.

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