Far Cry Games Ranked

Following the release of Far Cry 6 on October 7, we’re taking a look back at the earlier entries in the series and letting you know which ones are must-plays and which ones are you-should-probably-still-plays.

00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Far Cry 5
01:26 – Far Cry Primal
01:59 – Far…

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  1. I think Far Cry 5 is the best cry game, and one of the best games of all time, it has the best soundtrack of the franchise, and he puts it on the last which means worst?, this guy shouldn't be allowed to rank games

  2. IGN editor: I absolutely love far cry 5. Also it's the worst game in the series

    I kinda feel like says more about the quality of the Far Cry games than anything else in the video

  3. How you could place 2 above 4 is mind-boggling to me. FC2 had a ton of issues, not the least of which was never-ending respawns of enemies who all magically knew where you were if you coughed. FC4 was well-balanced, had a much better story, and Pagan Min was a really fun villain who you could almost side with. Seriously, dude – malaria doesn't make up for all that.

  4. 4 is much better than 3 and 6 is better than 4. I haven't fully beaten 5 or New Dawn so won't rate them here. Having a Series X helps a lot with both 4 and 6 due to them getting 60fps.

  5. The first far cry ranking list o actually agree with. Anyone that ranks far cry 2 outside the top 3 never played it when it came out. Revolutionary game and the new ones really dont give that feeling that you can and will die at any second. 3 had the villain but 2 made you really feel that you were trying to survive.

  6. New Dawn is the absolute worst…couldn’t even finish it. Nah, no way is it better than Far Cry 5 (I personally would put Far Cry 5 second place only to Far Cry 3)

  7. Far cry 1, Far cry 3 blood dragon, Far Cry 2, Far cry new dawn, far cry 4, Far cry 3, Far cry 6, far cry primal, Far cry 5. That’s my ranking, I know ima get heaps of hate from this, bring it on.

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