Far Cry 6 – Secret Early Alternate Ending

You can beat Far Cry 6 early and get a secret alternate ending at the beginning of the game. Here’s how to do it.

To get this ending yourself you’ll need to play the opening first island of the game. This does require a few hours of play, so it’s not as easy to get as it was in Far Cry 4 and 5….

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  1. I appreciate that they've made this (logical) secret ending but they could've at least given Dani a clean skin instead of her Yara filthy one xD

  2. Lmao, i didn't believe that actually an ending. I just went to boat and sail away to see what happen and this happen. ?

    Also I sail away first before talking to Juan

  3. LOL, I knew it. The first time I play this game, I drove the boat away and came back, just wanna make sure the did't lock the boat.

  4. I knew the boat would be the 'quick' ending. Didn't want to replay the early game if I took it though, and I figured someone would upload the boat ending to Youtube, so I just kept playing instead.

    Glad to see I was right. Thanks Gamespot.

  5. The nod to lockdown tyranny should be a hint to a lot of people, but alas, thier political party said it was a good ideas so shut up dissident.

  6. I saw someone pointed out in another video. If you look closely at the American flag in the background the stars are changed and a different symbol is on them. It’s hard to make out, but it looks like the edens gate symbol

  7. For those who didn't know, if you missed your opportunity to leave Yara when the first time you get to Libertad island, you can actually still be able to leave and get the alternate ending whatever your progress is, just by leaving the map. Grab any water or air vehicle and keep going to any edge of the map and there you go. As simple as that.

  8. You can do this at any point in the game as well, which I found out earlier when I took a boat out a bit too far.

    Thankfully you can reload and carry on where you were, with a little joke from Dani.

  9. I wasn't even half way through the game. I went out on the boat to go fishing and it cut to this scene and then went to credits. Wtf ??‍♂️

  10. You don't actually end up in Miami for the secret ending. You're actually in Valle De Oro. If you go to Hideout Timba to the right you'll see La Ballenada Resort. To the right of that is the beach where the cut scene took place.

  11. I love that they gave you the option to finish early ? I kept expecting the boat to malfunction or to sink horribly, but it was really cool they simply let the player walk away and say "eh. I'm done." Very cool ending.

  12. I accidentally did this, is there a way that I can still do the other ending or do I have to start a whole new game it’s way to early for me to end the game 🙁

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