Far Cry 6 – 7 Things You Should Know Before Playing

Far Cry 6 can be a pretty tough game at first if you don’t have an understanding of weapon builds, gear, and crafting systems. In this video, we’ll get you caught up on the essential places to focus and things you should know to enjoy the mayhem. 

Far Cry 6 draws its systems and…

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  1. Another pro tip……The M133 pump action shotgun is clutch with the 2x muzzle. Big boy damage without alerting an entire base. The Exterminator Supremo is literally the only one worth while almost 20 hours into the game. Choppers and tanks want NO SMOKE, lol Also….explosive rounds on an assault rifle isn't as awesome as you think lol

  2. I found it hard to destroy AAguns since we dont get many explosive things early on. Just parking a car next to it and setting the car on fire worked amazing for me. Simple but effective trick

  3. Tbis video: Tips for first time far cry players. Anyone who's played the franchise probably picked up on these quickly. Great video tho, I'll defenintly go back to guapo as I found boom boom no help.

  4. I'm having fun with it! It's got some crazy details..i love how Dani sings with the radio! I'm using female Dani and i think singing suits her more, she definitely adds to the fun factor 😁

  5. This is my first far cry game. It's alot to take in to be honest. Working out the game mechanics and what to upgrade and when etc.

    I'll just have to take it slowly to try to work out my jam I think…

  6. Question, he mentioned in the video to build a barracks that allows you to buy gear like the parkour set. Does it give you better ones than the ones in the wild? I ask because Im level 5 and haven't built it yet but I already found the full parkour set just through exploring things close to my objectives. So wouldn't the barracks be a waste of resources if you can find the gear in the wild? I'm hoping there is exclusive gear that can only be bought and not found. That would make sense. 🙂 PS. The best parkour peices are the shorts that increase speed dramatically after sliding and the piece that allows you to move fast with weapons holstered ! The others aren't that good. Like run faster while reloading. I'd sooner just slide then reload while I'm zipping around like the flash haha. Also. I hate that the paragliding flying car/buggy blows up so easy. If your like 5 feet above the ground and turn off flying mode you hit the ground and blow up 🙁 so many times I've done this. The wheels have to pretty much touch ground before you close the chute. It would he cool if you were given even 10ft of flexibility to close the chute 10ft above ground and just hit the ground hard and damage ur car. Not blow it up at 5 ft tho :'(. WHY!

  7. So lame that you can't just use regular bullets to kill enemies. No more walking around with a silenced pistol. I hate bullet sponge enemies more than anything

  8. Helicopters in this game are the most annoying thing to fight. Swear in other games a copter takes an RPG hit. It is done.

    FC6 Copter hit by an RPG: Laughs it off and BRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr!

  9. Loving the Farcry games formula. Release a main game and then a year or two before the next release a spinoff of the previous game with new mechanics. Like Farcry Primal with Melee weapons and Farcry New Dawn with Shield and enemy levels

  10. Even better than RPGs, I found that Blast Rounds in a Light Machine Gun (LMG) worked well against helicopters and other nasty vehicles.

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