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Exclusive Look At Saints Row's Opening Missions | New Gameplay Today

Get an exclusive look at some of the opening missions from the Saints Row reboot in this episode of New Gameplay Today.

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  1. Saints Row is known of having different enviroment and theme throughout the release of the series.

    The first two Saints Row games became a gangster themed story mode and also Stillwater is very living so you can see people fishing, reading a newspaper etc.
    Saints Row The Third became now a crazy stuff with Genki mascots, Saints Flow cans lots of hilariously and wacky humor with crazier customization and featuring futuristic VTOL vehicles like the Specter (this vehicle that come before the notorious Oppressor MkII from GTA Online) and tanks. Steelport is way more lifeless than Stillwater and there's no FUZZ, Crowd Control, there's no way to pickup items and there are fewer buildings such as the caverns or the hospitals from the previous games.
    Saints Row IV now became a alien themed storyline in where Zinyak destroys the world and brings Playa to the Virtual Steelport being the same as the previous game only with towers and aliens.
    Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell as the name implies it is a hell themed storyline about Satan and demons.
    The 2022 Saints Row now has Fortnite and Free Fire esque-looking characters and customization. Also unlike previous games the logo whenever you get in the car never displays.

  2. So many people desperate to knock this down. "Looks soulless!!" lmao we get it.. the main character in the video isn't white.

    This looks awesome. Super excited.

  3. Saints Row 2 is the best. Has creativity. Had amazing sights you could visit. Had building with well done interiors like the airport and the secret base. Agree or not, SR2 will always be the best.

  4. Weird how Watch Dogs, Cyber Punk and now this Saints Row game all look the exact same. Exact same graphics and player movement.
    Seriously if someone was playing this then I left the room and when I came back they had switched to Cyberpunk or Watch Dogs I would never be able to tell.

  5. I like how everyone's complaining none stop because everyone forgets about the hard work out into these games. Yes it isn't the same but those graphics look amazing. Driving looks good. I like the hand to hand combat. Too many people complain but forget how much work are actually put into just making a video game 🙄

  6. This game is fuckn horrible lmao who tf is in charge of making saints row yall completely screwed tf out this game the fist one was better damn near surpassed gta during that time you guys are really egging this now … I don’t see the company profiting off this unless they bring back the gangs and street life

  7. This actually looked terrible and cartoony asf looks like a really good mobile game like gangstar Vegas on ios this shit is trash

  8. Man, This shit looks depressing as fuck. You guys fumbled the bag on this one cause I'm not fucking with it. Tired of these developers fucking up these legendary games, First TLOU2 now this bullshit. This game can really go eat a dick.

  9. Where tf is this game at man they announced it months ago!? Wow.. It looks incredible. I only have one simple question for all you GameDevs out there… WHY DO THEY KEEP MAKING THE DRIVING LIKE THAT IN THESE GAMES!?!? It’s garbage. I want to feel like I actually stole a car and am driving it down the road away from cops and gangsters all shooting bullets at me.😭😭😂

  10. As she walks into the party they stop taking to reveal the literal zero amount of ambience within that area. If it’s a party shouldn’t it have loud music playing in the background??? Saints row feels like roblox aka just a bit off.

  11. Man talk about totally missing the mark. I can barely bring myself to call this saints row without cringing. Can’t wait to watch this bomb and by the way if you want to make combat look exciting it helps if the enemies fight back.

  12. Saints row was unique and this game just looks kinda casual looks more like an RPG with the open world deep silver im Sorry for being rude but f*ck off you always destroy franchises like dead island and saints Row

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