Every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate New Character Reveal Trailer Compilation

Check out every new character reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that was released. From the Inklings all the way up to the latest character reveal Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Who was your favorite? Was it Steve from Minecraft? Kazuya from Tekken? Ridley from Metroid or was it Banjo…

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  1. My Favorite “SSBU Announcement Reveal Trailers” are: Ridley From Metroid/ Rare’s/Microsoft Banjo & Kazooie/ & Disney’s Kingdom Hearts Sora Those are my hypothetical picks to choose from my storyline answers In Smash Bros.™️ Ultimate since 3 years ago this is a legacy tribute: 1999 — 2021 this might be the best Fighting Game ever in video game ? history & it’s a celebration ? ? of gaming I’m totally excited about that & who knows if there’s Smash 6 coming until 2025 or 2026 the next 4 or 5 years later would be perfect for a new game maybe to shrink the size of the main character selection screen & Mr. Sakurai replied that he’ll tried if Nintendo has a IP Collab with him I’m guessing a new director or him returning back until after he takes a long vacation break he rides horse, I guess he will drive his car & sod some other fun things as well in the future but I was hoping for a new Title IP game from Sora Ltd. during in the future of 2022 or 2023 something related throughout the year.

  2. Mario looked so mad before I grab soras key in the fire. Mario, man when is master chief coming. Finds soras key and tries to throw it away and backfire’s

  3. A standing ovation doesn’t do justice to the incredible things that Sakurai and his team have done for this, this game will always be the ultimate fighting game

  4. A fine compilation of the character reveals of SSBU. It has been a crazy couple of years, but these will always have a place in our hearts & memories.

    Domo Arrigato, Sakurai-San. ?

  5. The final handshake between Mario and Sora is a very symbolic handshake between Nintendo and Disney. Because I think this is the first time Nintendo and Disney characters have been in the same game, no?

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