Call of Duty: Vanguard | Zombies Reveal Trailer

Check out the all new Zombies reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Vanguard Your mission: Stop the undead army with a new set of Dark Aether skills.

Welcome to Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies.


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  1. Use swatstikas. Im tired of this weak iron cross. If these German soldiers are to be portrayed as bad as they were then stop the child’s play and man up. You did it with WaW you can do it again

  2. If this is like waw bo1 bo2 zombies where it’s actually hard to do Easter eggs and doesn’t hold your hand the whole time and tell you what to do it might be good

  3. For anybody who wants to know. The "devil" that is shown in the trailer is probably an elder god that was mentioned in cold war. These gods were consumed by the forsaken, which we capture in the map forsaken. So this is a prequel to cold war, were the forsaken hasnt ursurped the hierarchy of the dark aether

  4. WE NEED RAW ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GAMEPLAY MECHANICS like back in the day bo1-3 this new space and god like shit is ASS. Please save zombies for us CW and Bo4 zombies was shit we need the original zombies thats what we are all waiting for. CMON GUYS PLZ LISTEN!

  5. I just love it when I get the notification that says "someone has liked your comment" or "someone has subscribed!" From Call of Duty supporters or cool people!?❤ THANK YOU'

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