Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct 10.15.2021 Full Presentation

Check out the full presentation for Animal Crossing: New Horizons where Nintendo showed off details in the free November Update as well as an all new DLC.

The new DLC Happy Home Paradise will be a paid DLC and brings lots of new features to the game!

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  1. I'm going back to AC!!! I can't wait!!! So much more to do!!! I can't wait!! Even the Happy Island Designer… I'm just so excited. I hope they gave the villagers more dialog but that's minor compared to all this!!

  2. KAPP'N! Oh my goodness gracious, I can't even express how overjoyed I am to see the return of Kapp'n. When my dad was alive I used to tell him about the character in my game who was just like him, and he'd buy me little Kapp'n figures when he saw them. Now that he's gone, Kapp'n is like an extension of my dad in game forever, and I still have all his little figures and Amiibos. I'm so excited he'll finally be making a return… When I first heard we'd be on an island OBVIOUSLY I assumed Kapp'n would be around, so it's been tough not seeing him in game.

  3. Sometimes, when you need to smile, think back to this live presentation, and remember: There was a moment in time when 100,000+ people collectively yelled "FROGGY CHAIR".

  4. Wow. Just hopping back in after MONTHSSS and am so excited. Everything that was needed was done, everything from past games that made them great was implemented into this one and I’m definitely hopping back in

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