9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood, the co-op zombie survival game, and spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, is now available for everyone and we’ve got a few tricks and other things of note that will improve your experience in the fight against the ridden hordes.

Back 4 Blood is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox…

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  1. I like the game but I fucking HATE the card idea. I just want to shoot zombies I don’t want to have to waste time strategizing. I’ll hop on Fallout if I want to do that.

  2. I haven't played online yet but I was gonna say playing a solo campaign would also be good to get a feel for the maps. (Unless online play has different maps)

  3. Why do people keep calling thus game a sportual succesir…more like a dlc. Left 4 dead 2.5. Its missibg the mist imoortant element. Camoaign pvp. Such a disappoinment. Who wants to play against A.I…..stuoid…

  4. What makes solo mode even more of a joke is you cant make it past the main screen without an internet connection, my service provider had an outage in my area yesterday for 5 hours, I was pissed when I couldn't even play solo lol I'm loving this game but I would've opted to wait another month for these things to be complete vs buying an incomplete release

  5. My controller continues moving either left or right depending on ADS spot. It is terrible can’t aim correctly. Does anyone know why? Tried three diff controllers and all do the same thing?????? HELP

  6. You’re a weirdo telling people not to use their mics. If you don’t wanna use it ku. Don’t encourage people to play online games and be antisocial. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. I don't understand the game developer on this game. Let's make some areas dark af or foggy but don't let the player control the flashlight…… like for real the flashlight!!!!!!.

  8. I enjoy playing a game like this. I prefer to play the solo version as I don't have to worry about cheaters ruining the game for me. Currently, I'm playing WWZ, and the bots are pretty good; once you learn how to play WITH them. These bots seem to take the game seriously. Not like human players who don't seem to know what the word TEAM means. I stay with my bots and never leave them. I also don't play at more than human speed, as that seems to confuse them.

  9. Apparently solo play is required if we wish to "continue" the campaign. I keep selecting "continue" and every damn time I get matched with bots even though matchmaking is open. I need to instead select "create run" to get live players. I've gotten through the entire campaign via "create run," however presumably because I haven't played through via "continue," none of my additional characters have unlocked. This game's interface is even more unintelligible than its social interactions between the NPCs in camp. How have you all managed to use the "continue" feature and unlocked the latter four characters?

  10. Combat knife is NOT a good card for the most part. It feels cool, but there are so many better cards. More importantly, the knife is single target, while the punch is a wide swing, knocking all targets back and taking less stamina. Punch them for some breathing room, then gun them down or run. Many times with the knife you'll get surrounded, kill one and the others will hurt you

  11. These tips arent completely accurate… good video, but maybe redo it now that were further in. Heavy hitter can turn your bash into a wide area killing machine so I prefer it over the combat knife. And you cant start back up from any level, there are certain checkpoints every 2 map completions in an act. So if you pass the first but fail the second you have to go back and redo both.

  12. knife is the worst option u can take … so skip that … if u punch zombie it will hit other zombies behind which can delay attack from multiple attackers

  13. Combat knife is awful lol 😂 don’t use it on nightmare it’ll make volatile and the acid ridden damage you on impact when you use combat knife as well as it only hits a single target at a time use your fist it’s got wider range to push them back and just shoot them. I promise combat knife is horrible atleast on nightmare

  14. I really like this game but my biggest complaint is why is it so hard, veteran difficulty is hard af so Ive been playing on recruit 😅…which I hate because I dont do easy mode on games ever but this game is to tough

  15. Random players actually helped a lot with the ending of act 1 and 2. But here and there we get that one random where they would set off every single alarm Lol

  16. I wish I knew that you simply cannot find a game in campaign or multiplayer. the only way to get a game is to quickplay and join half way through and take over a bot that is half dead

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