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84 Rapid-Fire Questions About Saints Row

We’re diving into the upcoming Saints Row reboot for this month’s cover story. We sat down with Jeremy Bernstein, Lead Mission Narrative Designer at Deep Silver Volition, to ask him 84 rapid-fire questions about the game ahead of its February…

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  1. Everything from interviews and written media sounds great but everything we've seen so far has been underwhelming.
    I mean the gameplay showcase was okay but that was just papering over the cracks of that CGI trailer.

  2. what is this? "i give you the question you need to ask me rapidly game?" where are the real questions? why the gameplay sucks so hard? why the contrast of colors is so awful that in shadow u can't see s%%%? why put healt BARS on CARS???? why you headshot people and not instant die? why the camera is stuck to you when in vehicles? why camera shake so idiotic when u hit other cars etc? why is the game so unrealistic? why are u such sjw losers? why you implemented wokeness ? why u like to lose only to virtual signal? we the real gamers don't like trash propaganda, we buy your games, or NOT!

  3. They act like it’s our fault that they made a gang with superpowers, aliens and other dumb mess so they don’t have to deal with taking responsibility for stunting the growth of an already aesthetically GREAT game (1&2) but realistically you can’t expect a person who lives in the suburbs, has no real idea of what real gang culture is, or hasn’t experienced what it’s really like to be around those kind of people to make a great game out of it. When it came down to gang characters in gta games you can tell they chose REAL gang life to add to the story they are profiting from. Nonetheless Saints Row Reboot is cultural appropriation and need the BOOT

  4. How did you come up with these horrible characters. Wow its super original stunning and brave black chick with shaved hair.

  5. Damn the dildo bat has gone, that was a classic. And Rim Job and Freckle Bitch's still makes me laugh. Shame that Volition think that that type of humour is not acceptable in 2021. Doesn't matter how much I watch or read up on the reboot I still don't have a clue what the vibe of the game is going to be. The character design seem to be lovable good guys we can relate to. But then we hear that we crash an idol's party and murder everyone. They Seem like 2 very different tones to me.

  6. Dont know why he did this because noone even cares about their game. Hes just embarrassing himself. Games trash even before release. Good job at crashing and burning your integrity lol god i thought you guys couldnt embarrass yourselves anymore than you already did 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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