25 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Returning with more secrets that you probably don’t know about in Breath of the Wild! This time we dive into what heart containers are made of, the highest damage amount you can do in the game, lifting ingredients in your hands, and much more!

In the video above, we cover 25 tips and tricks…

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  1. So glad you mentioned Kass' bandoneon! (pronounced band-dough-nee-own) This instrument is the primary instrument used in Argentine Tango music and is a cultural staple of Buenos Aires and Argentina. It's an incredibly difficult instrument to learn and perfect!

  2. I was going to say that the chest thing is the only thing on the list that I already knew, only to read the comments and see quite a few people saying that they didn't know about the chest punching animation. I'm actually surprised. I thought it was common

  3. It is actually not a “sword beam”, it is the skyward strike, the power left to the master sword from when it was upgraded in skyward sword.

  4. You're wrong on that bandoneon part. The difference between an accordion and a bandoneon are the reeds. An accordion can have piano keys on the right side, or big round buttons on the right side. The left side always stays the same – small buttons that play multiple notes at once (some play chords, some play single notes stacked with octaves)

  5. I don’t like breath of the wild or skyward sword or twilight princess or a link to the past or legend of zelda 2 or legend of zelda yeah I do like grand theft auto trilogy definitive edition and Ido like loot boxes

  6. I really learned parrying from the internet and not from the game itself. So if you just put parrying on a "things you didn't know" video some people might actually learn something new. Like me

    I googled how to beat ganon because i had no idea… apparently parrying exists and that was the way to beat it

  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never fully beat BOTW!! There’s just so much stuff still to learn and explore and I’m perfectly fine with that!

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