The History Of Battlefield

Battlefield is one of the most iconic FPS games of the past few decades. From the humble beginnings of 1942 to EA’s upcoming Battlefield 2042, we break down the history of Battlefield and its legacy over the years.

Battlefield has released several games over the last two decades as one of the…

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  1. after all the updates id say BF5 is definatly the best game so far tbh, feels like a COD vanguard was basically made just to rival that in my opinion. all time greatest though has to bad company 1 or 2

  2. BF5 failure was less of a boycott because of misogyny, more of Dice saying "don't buy it" in regards to anyone complaining about a series that had previously been all about realistically representing war, just completely abandoning that. I have simply done what Dice told me to do.

  3. Battlefield stopped on Battlefield 2, bf2, when stopped mods bf died for me, bf2 was the best and end one becouse his many many fantastic mods. bf3 become not alowed mods so no more good, here was the end of good game

  4. I will never forget playing the BF1942 demo for the first time.
    I was 15 years old. It was one of those weekends when me and a couple of friends shlepped all our gaming equipment (including super heavy tube monitors) into one of our friend's basement.
    The moment one of my friends asked if we wanted to try the demo of that new WW2 game together, all other games became irrelevant that night. It was super fun even though it only had one map (Wake Island).
    BF1942 was also the first game I've played online some time later and some of my best memories of my first days in online gaming are thanks to the BF Pirates mod.
    I'm still social media friends with some of the guys I've met playing BF Pirates in the early/mid 2000s. Glorious times.

  5. I am sure there were some misogynistic people who boycotted BFV. I would say most people though, wanted historical accuracy. Really that plain and simple.

  6. Honestly firestorm was my favorite battle royale when you could still find matches. It had its issues like the clunky looting/inventory, but it nailed the feeling of scavenging to survive in a warzone full of hostiles. The animations of friendlies occasionally stumbling in their spring and doing natural idle and reaction animations just made it feel so cinematic and grandiose, despite its smaller player count compared to other BRs. It should have been a free to play addition like warzone and it would have at least gained a reliable cult following.

  7. i have ultimate ed. turns out Battlefield 2042 maps are not the biggest maps of all time, and the illusions wear thin for every single one in quick succession thanks to the embarrassing bugs they allowed to pass. the storms are what they are and look cool but its a watered down battlefield for the next generation of little curious kids who want to game in war. its a crayola colored mess and not worth the value they charged customers. the weapons are a total disgrace to the brand. all they did was take the Planetside 2 battle grind and other hit games popular features -then wrapped it all together in BF skin. thats a cash grab right there. ah well. we'll see in a year i guess. lol

  8. How sad the series have fallen. Battlefield 5 was the start of its fall, and 2042 was the nail in the coffin.
    2042 from the horrible music, change to class system, lack of content and more…
    DICE made a game that isn't battlefield

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