Tales Of Arise Review

Tales of Arise is a lengthy, beautiful RPG adventure, but has messy combat and uneven pacing on occasion.

Tales of Arise is coming out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on September 10th. This review was written by Heidi Kemps and for the full review visit:…

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  1. I only learned how to use blazing sword attacks after about 30 hours in. Didn't know that you had to unlock them in the skill tree and then combo after normal arts .
    Once I unlocked reigning slash and got the warrior accessory with +15% attack and +180 attack it broke the game and i only spammed that one attack until the credits rolled. Seems dumb but i appreciate that the game rewarded me for the hours it took grinding to get that accessory

  2. I felt was a bit harsh on the negative sides. I felt like your cons were pretty doable srill6, especially if you know how broken and whatnot games are released

  3. I wish there would be a preview clip on all the available artes in the artes menu so it's easier to figure out which artes chain better with other artes..also wish we could toggle the target lock on/off instead of instant auto lock-on when combat initiates..still it's a great game's on par with Final Fantasy 7 Remake for me..

  4. I don't understand why the person who played the game and wrote the script isn't narrating. It's as if they are ashamed of their own review and passed it on someone else. Makes no sense.

  5. Even thou i dont get frustrated for a 7 since a 7 is basically saying "dispite a few flaws is a GOOD game" but yeah i dont think it was a 7 "Tales of Arise" is more like an 8 but hey that was your opinion Gamespot

  6. People in the comments actually crying bc the reviewer gave his honest opinion instead of catering to the crybabies like lots of other reviewers. 🤦🏽

  7. This dude is complaining about the boosters but I legit found an area where I got 4 level ups (38-42) in under an half an hour thanks to having a recipe that boosted earned exp. Those boosters aren't necessary to become stronger.

    Just find a good grinding spot

  8. Ok so I agree with almost everything here, but how did you not even mention just how absurdly long and frequent the cutscenes are????? dude, it might be that half the time they're just literally talking smack or hyping each other up or that for 90% of the game the main characters are completely in the dark on literally everything, but there's a literally a point in the game (dont want to say bc spoiler but it's about 25 hours in) that is just 3 straight hours of talking, some 50 cutscenes all broken up by walking 15 metres ahead of you. Honestly it reminds me of the Final Noctis -only mission of Final Fantasy 15, the one that they had to patch in an alternate option so you could dodge it completely. the worst part is you can't skip it because one out of the 20 or so NPC's you talk to just so happen to fill in a massive blip in the lore. honestly for that section alone I can't honestly recommend this game.

  9. I’ve just finished the game and what a ride definitely a 9/10 put about 70 hours in and yeah paid dlc I never needed any of it all I can say is get gud lol 😂

  10. Don't defend this game until you've played through it. The final 15 – 20 hours is one of the biggest drops in story quality I've ever seen a game have. I generally enjoyed the game, but a 7 is reasonable.

  11. Definitely the best looking Tales games ever and same for the combat, but I honestly felt like the story and characters where a little meh compared to most of the previous titles.

  12. Great review…very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun 🙂 Do people even read manuals anymore though…lol. Great job on your video 🙂

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