Splatoon 3 Trailer | Nintendo Direct September 2021

Splatoon 3 brings all new abilities, weapons, and an expansive campaign mode. The trailer gives a glimpse on its over-stylized world, signature erratic soundtrack, and an icy look at the campaign to come. The game is expected to launch in 2022.

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  1. 1:39 that looks kinda like the space ship from that one Salmon Run map. I am wondering too, in the background you can hear radio feed. Are Pearl and Marina kidnapped and are they sanitized in a different form of sanitization Mr. Grizz collected from Tartar's remains??? Is Mr. Grizz Tartar's creator????

  2. Hey gamers, Kakyoin here. I really hope we get some Professor lore. And, Nintendo, PLEASE don’t make DJ Octavio the final boss again, or at least A boss. It’d be nice if he joined forces with us instead, as we see both him and Craig Cuttlefish in this desert-y area. Maybe they’ll call a temporary truce? I don’t care, just don’t make him the villain again.

    Secondly, I really think that Mr. Grizz will be A major villain, not THE. I’m not sure why, but it’s so obvious that he would be THE villain, and it wouldn’t be fun if we knew the twist before the twist even happened. Also, Mr. Grizz being an actual mammalian bear? I’m in between liking the idea, and honestly disliking it. Again, Mr. Grizz being a bear is too obvious and it would just be bland if he were an actual bear. But, I also don’t think it’d be terrible because it’s return of the mammalians and mammals are returning or something. (Hey, maybe Lil Judd is the major villain and Grizz is helping him? Who knows.)

    Thirdly, I hope Captain 3(Old Agent 3) has some sort of dialogue or personality, as they have their own Squid Sister’s-like pose, and we aren’t playing as them anymore (Octo Expansion didn’t really give them much personality either, which is a bummer. Well, I guess you could count the way they made us all smash our Nintendo Switches to the wall and cry all night-)

    Anyway, I write all this and I can’t even write a History essay. Thank you for reading this if you did.

    Kakyoin out.


  4. I literally loved Splatoon 2 so much and i cant wait for splatoon 3, i love the game and im so excited that im gonna be able to relive it again!

  5. My most anticipated game of 2022. Got Splatoon on Day 1 and it's hardly ever left my Wii U. Splatoon 2 made me buy a Switch, and now I'll have Splatoon 3 on release day.

  6. It would be so cool if you could bring little buddy into turf war or ranked with you, he doesn’t have to have a function I just think it would be a good edition

  7. I have a bad feeling the story mode levels are just going to be like the first two. Octo expansion was nice in making that be wacky, hard, and fun, but I do wish more more concrete and ground level design other than going from one platform to another (which not going to lie Nintendo knows how to do best since that's practically all what Mario is, even Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Odyssey). KInda wish for the missions to be a bit linear like in the halo games. I can totally see this though to have some open world aspects hopefully in the Splatlands, Nintendo does have experience in open world design with BOTW and Xenoblade.

    Also…return of the mammalians….Maybe someone tried to make more clones of the Mr. Judd like Lil' Judd and it went wrong…

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