Pokémon Legends: Arceus | New Gameplay Trailer

Check out the all new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer that dropped showing off some of the Noble Pokemon you’ll experience in the game. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is coming in January 2022 to Nintendo Switch.

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  1. You all think they’ll ever make a game with characters that talk?…Think rpgs like Skyrim. I think this is an awesome start but wonder if Nintendo will ever take it to the next level and gear it more towards adults. Like I said…good start but really think it has way more potential than this game will likely provide.

  2. This is looking like it really needs a delay. In my opinion. I want this to be good but as it stands currently it looks like it needs some work still.

  3. As a person that played pokemon pearl as his first pokemon game impression, i cant wait, although gamefreak should take their time on this.

  4. they really should push it to later date. it looks unfinished. we've seen with cyberpunk 2077 what rushed games look like; it prob wouldn't be as bad but it's lacking in potential.

  5. CAN PEOPLE STOP TALKING ABOUT THE GRAPHICS!!! YES, I am aware that they don't look as good as SwSh or Lets Go, but that doesn't mean that they will be bad games. Personally, I'm fine with the graphics. People should stop complaining about the graphics and should start talking about the game itself.

  6. My mindset going into this will be to expect the worst, and hope for the best. It's definitely one to wait on for some actual reviews to come out before buying.

  7. This is so close to what I think a Pokémon game should be but with the minimum effort I’ve come to expect from Pokémon games which is why I don’t buy them. It’s not voiced, you control your Pokémon with your 4 move list like a final fantasy game in 1997. The open world is good, using a Pokémon to fly instead of just some context menu is good. Let us play as the human and the Pokémon and this would be a day one purchase for me.

  8. I am so glad that so many people agree that the game should be pushed to a later date, because the game is honestly unfinished it does look interesting though I hope it turns out good I hope it's not another really good game that ends up unfinished and unpolished because it was released too early like jump force for example.

  9. I won't be purchasing this one just because it's not my style of game (purely my personal preference). The game does look phenomenal though (Graphics wise)!

  10. You know I can't be mad. Game looks cool but it's 2022 and I just always wanted voice dialog.. like my 5 year old can't read. But loves pokemon. And with the amount of money these games have dumped into the franchise ND so on.. I get it. The audio files may be to big for something like that…. but we already have to buy an SD card for storage. Make it worth it. For the kids and ppl who can't read.

  11. Wondering if the game will have future updates like any ps4/xbox game would have. If that were to be the case even them releasing the game on the scheduled date would be great so that all us players can point out what needs improvement. Fine way to bring the community and game freak closer together imo!

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