Nintendo Direct Full Showcase September 2021

Bayonetta 3, Splatoon3, and Metroid Dread. Nintendo released a slew of updates and trailers on many of their anticipated title in September’s Nintendo Direct. Classics were announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch console, including N64 and Sega Genesis emulation, along with remasters of…

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  1. I'm not here for this casting. Homophobic Starlord is not a voice actor–most of these people aren't. Acting and voice acting aren't just the same thing.

  2. Brewster, and Kirby saved this direct for me. Kirby in particular has been pretty dissapointing recently, but i have feeling that this one might be a great hit if done correctly.

  3. Bayonetta 3 looks so outdated, it looks like the 2nd installment. About time updated their hardware so developers can actually progress with the times

  4. Cant make working controlers or a better console version buy a sd card for any new game and now buy 64 games agian no i think ill jist emulate 64 and all the games ive ever owned as i live in Canada and unless i sell my phone and bt controller as a nentendo console i dont violate any law honestly charging for somthing everyone owns the rights to is more criminal oh yeah an exchange rate of 6 cent per dolar of existing online member ship and only available as a bundle with online no thanks Greedtendo

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