New World – Everything You Need To Know

New World is an MMORPG from Amazon Games releasing exclusively on PC on September 28, 2021.Shipwrecked on the island of Aeternum, it is up to the player to uncover secrets, harvest Azoth and keep control of the island from falling into the wrong hands.

New World is an MMORPG from Amazon Games…

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  1. So its a halfassed version of Albion Online…different camera angle and a little bit better graphics but wayyyyyy less gameplay to be had and if we all know anything these days its nobody cares about better graphics if the gameplay/end game isnt worth it🤷

  2. I think id have been a bigger fan if they had class systems instead of "everyone is the same character" – dude says there is plenty to do but i feel like this game doesnt have a lot of replayability when U hit lvl 60. Creating a mage or a range isnt the same when U can just get those weaponds on ur main and everyone runs the same loadout.

  3. Lol, you may think it is sweet. It's nothing more than a rip-off ESO/Greedfall. You try being in a 3 company alliance and having 97/150 guild members auto-banned before the siege even starts. Stuff like this really needs to be addressed because it's causing a lot of unbalance with the game. even gold farmers are using that to their advantage to control the whole map so they make 100% of the tax money and then sell it back to customers for real-life money.

  4. This is an antithesis to a good review and a HUGE red flag of how bad this game is.

    I mean the dude didn’t even have enough faith to not sound like he’s reading a script at a 5th grade level.

  5. Im a bit confused and looking for help. Will I be able to run around the island and explore and do stuff with just my one friend? Like im wondering if you can just play multiplayer on a small scale instead of with a whole bunch of players. Sort of being able to do the PVE and story stuff with my friend.

  6. These store skins are so fking ugly, the game is called new world, yet they are selling old ass looking skins that are stuck from the past… Not a single skins looks good, and the helmet? Jesus, abominations… Fire the design team for these ugly ass skins…

  7. This game feels influenced by Ultima Online, particularly in that it does not have a class system and instead relying on stats and skills, and I love it.

  8. the pvp thing lets it down tbh… what is with the "can slide it on or off depending on how you feal" lol. Also it sounded like "pvp" would be like min instance games… i would rather just have an open world where you can do anthing like… pve… or pvp… of course it depends on the situtation and so on but it makes you on edge more. Sounds like it is just a safe world against NPCs tbh.

  9. I have played 10 hours of New World, and not one time I was able to play with other people. Also it is very difficult (if not impossible) to join a company. I am getting bored of playing alone.

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