Metroid Dread's Tension Is Relentless | Hands-On Preview

We went hands-on with the first sector of Metroid Dread and it’s clear there will be a lot of tense moments with nearly indestructible EMMIs hunting you. Dread releases in October on Nintendo Switch.

Metroid Dread doesn’t waste any time in introducing what exactly there is to dread in the…

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  1. I literally stopped playing games cause i never die in them.. where's the good times where actually had to be good to be good

  2. Not gonna lie. I hate the way this review framed his perspective around the robots that chase you. There is no overwhelming sense of tension. There just an obstacle in a Nintendo game. It isn't that deep.

  3. Let me say with no surprise, this is by far a superior review than IGNs. This review got me excited and the reviewer sounded excited too. I especially feel the nervousness and tension as he explained with the E.M.M.I’s chasing you. This game looks fantastic and I hope we can get more Metroid installments as often as we do with other Nintendo franchises.

  4. Meh, I'm not very excited to deal with the EMMIs. That was one of the most annoying things about fusion to me…. an unkillable foe that just wrecked you in seconds and you have to run away constantly. Only in this game, it looks pretty much constant. I don't like being rushed when I play these games. I like to take my time, discover everything and enjoy myself. The constant cat and mouse crap with an unkillable foe (most of the time), is just going to annoy me and most likely tarnish my attitude towards this game.

  5. At this point is funny to see developers come up with excuses to wipe the protagonist of a long running series of their fully upgraded abilities at the beginning of the each game.

  6. These animations are so fuckin good, it's ridiculous. Everything is so fluid but still weighty. I wasnt too interested in this before, but I might have to pick it up

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