Metroid Dread – 5 Minutes of Off-Screen Gameplay

We got a chance to check out Metroid Dread on the Nintendo Switch OLED ahead the October 8 release. Here’s 5 minutes of gameplay for Metroid Dread that we shot off screen, focusing on the opening of the game. We also have our hands-on impressions up for Metroid Dread, which you can check on…

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  1. That part with the Chozo fight… that music sounds so weird. But also very panicky? Like it makes you feel what Samus would be feelin like OH SHIT THIS BIRB GON COOK MY GOOSE

  2. Well that’s not fair I wish my oled switch would come a week early like yours but I gotta wait for GameStop to ship mine the day before it releases of course ? and dread too

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