Marvel's Spider-Man 2 4K Official Trailer

Check out the 4K Trailer for Insomniac Game’s latest unveiling, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was unveiled during the Playstation Showcase 2021.

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  1. Holy shit what the fuck is going on with Playstation!!!!, I can't breathe after watching Wolverine's trailer and then I found this!!!! Oxygen pls!!!!

  2. For all those wondering. Insomniac lives and dies by their commitment to making single player games. This will be no different. I'm guessing whichever spider you choose to play as, the other will be a lame npc.

  3. I am glad their not going to put miles in the background and had him share the spotlight in this (you know, since Peter is the main protagonist) for the sequel trailer. Good job Insomniac!

  4. 2023 is way to far away ngl and games are slowly dying and if co op is made through the campaign this game will be the best Spider-Man game ever made !

  5. Before venom you can hear what i believe to be Kraven.. would be very cool a Kraven and Venom team up against Miles and Peter, which I hope to be online co-op, or just co-op in general.

  6. Notice how kraven said "one that could push me" for peter, while "one that could surprise me" for miles (probably because of his camo). That means that the new power peter gets from his tentacles will probably be focused on pure power, such as giving more damage, more damaging moves, etc

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