Marvel's Midnight Sun Gameplay Overview Trailer

Learn more about how Marvel’s Midnight Sun gameplay work through this gameplay overview trailer. Get insight into who the Midnight Suns are. Additionally check out how the gameplay mechanics work and more in the gameplay trailer in the back half.

Master a battle system that rewards clever…

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  1. Firaxis making a Marvel XCOM game?! I'm there-…wait…cards..? nooo! Gen Z and their online-obsession microtransactions got to Firaxis too..?!? :O

    I want a Marvel XCOM, not some theatrical, random abilities mobile card game! So glad I didn't pre-order this now!

  2. U could get a game like this for free instead of spending a lot of money for this. The card system didn’t exist and more like spider mannish avengers combat with all the other stuff I’ll be sold

  3. Imagine fucking up another game smh it shouldn’t be hard a free roam with free switchable characters in open world that’s all you had to do but it’s more important to make it’s a mobile like game and charge 60 plus dollars for it plus so many micro transactions it’s bullshit I’m tired of being fed shit they really be sucking

  4. The real evil in this game is the microtransaction system that just begs to be implemented 🤑
    I was really put off by the card combat system but on 2nd thought it could be fun if well crafted … but I doubt it will. Also I'm sorry but those graphics were cinematic in 2008, not 2021.

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