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Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy (4K) | New Gameplay Today

Join us on this special 4K episode of New Gameplay Today where Reiner, Shea, Marcus, and Stadnik are checking out Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and giving their hands-on impressions of developer Eidos-Montréal’s promising new action…

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  1. I’ll never understand why the games are reluctant to make a team up superhero game where you can switch between characters in game. 🤦🏽‍♂️ shit is just dumb & lazy. Did they not play Ultimate Alliance?

  2. I’ll pick avengers combat over this any day . This should definitely be $40 And idk how some media outlets are comparing this to mass effect . A group in space that you could issue commands too is the only thing in common

  3. gosh i wish we could switch out and play the other characters but star lord is cool enough as a main character even tho i want to play as gamora the most

  4. red health in a rectangle?Really?where did I get to in the noughties?is it an rpg or mmorpg?you really want people not to have immersion in the game,double fuck

  5. Anyone else think the combat looks like slow and less shitty Anthem meets Mass Effect Andromeda? Just with extra steps. Hopefully they release a demo because I am not touching this for money. I have zero faith in Squeenix anymore.

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