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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review – Is This PlayStation Game Worth Playing?

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the latest PlayStation exclusive releasing on PS5 and PS4. But is the action platformer worth playing? Find out in our Kena Bridge of Spirits review!

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  1. Ditched this game after 2 hours of playing. Combat is very easy (even on the most difficult level you can choose in a new game). Might be a nice game for young children. Looks nice but thats about it.

  2. I will likely pick up the game but, I really am fed up with hand holding in games and paint marketed climbing. I wish they would let players work these things out themselves.

  3. Alex, thanks for another masterfully produced review. These really shine. Many of us knew going into Kena 18 months back, it was a mashup; and therefore, lives or dies on execution. The big ??? was whether a new studio could craft gameplay mechanics which are fun and evolve continually thru the game. Looks like they did this at least at an 8-level and possibly a 9-level. Thanks, Reiner.

  4. TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME, i just finished the main story and still playing for the platinum and it it awesome and addicted. a had a lot of time playing this gem and i think I'm gonna replay it.

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