Firearms Expert Reacts To Fallout 4’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Fallout 4, including a selection of the game’s bizarre pipe-based firearms, the infamous 10mm pistol, and the man-portable cannon, the Broadsider.

In the latest video in…

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  1. It would be fun if he reacted to some of the guns in Warframe if he haven't already. Some weapons there are based on real life guns. For example Soma and Soma Prime are based on the french Chauchat.

  2. The guns having left handed reloads so we can see our character reloading is the dumbest reason to intentionally butcher the design of a gun in a game…

  3. I dunno I think very basic iron sights on sci-fi stuff make sense if they're meant to be tied into some sort of targeting system (helmet HUD's mostly).

  4. Fun things you may have missed but now cant avoid seeing
    1:lefthanded syndrome(nearly all guns)
    2:firing pin marks on the pipe revolver rounds as the cylinder rotates.

  5. I think the idea behind the Laser Musket in universe is that they were mashed together using components from laser rifles and the actual muskets from the museum.

    (which… when you think about it doesn't make that much sense in an environment where you can't move without tripping over a pipe pistol/rifle.)

  6. Yeah, people were not big fans of the 'new' guns in Fallout 4. In fact that was one of first mods for the game, changing the terrible guns.

  7. It always bothered me that the home made, full auto, post-nuclear pipe guns were closed bolt, even more than them loading and ejecting on the same side and more than half the guns being left handed and fired from the right.

  8. Johnathan's observation on the Assault Rifle has alot of merit when you look into the game's development; the AR was absolutely intended to be a light machine gun that could only be utilized in power armour, along with alot of the other more heavier-looking firearms featured in the game. In the end, that concept ended up becoming scrapped in the favour of all weapons to be wieldable by the player, without the need of utilizing something else in the game to assist with that.

    That's absolutely why the firearm is a kitbash of alot of very telltale details from other historic LMGs in history and why it really doesn't make sense to be classified as an AR.

  9. Something to add about the .44 in FO4, the "Bull Barrel" upgrade for the gun would essentially turn it into something similar to the S&W Model 629 Stealth Hunter.

  10. The assault rifle was renamed at some point as concept art or filename had the gun listed as the "Machine Gun" which makes a tad more sense to me

  11. He mentions being under the impression there was no ak in fallout but in the first 2 games one of the weapons is supposed to be an alternate reality ak being the ak 112

  12. The Assault Rifle was originally meant to be used as a Light Machine Gun meant to be used with Power Armor, but the original assault rifle got Scrapped.

  13. It is like Fallout 4 devs did not care one bit about the lore so they just put Kalashnikov in the game for shovel AK meme and because it is recognizable gun. Which is funny because back when they made Fallout 3, they were clever enough to not do that.

  14. Concerning the 10mm pistol, my guess is that the two levers on the front are cantilever springs acting on the slide to return it to its firing position. Seems a daft thing to put them outside the pistol casing where they could be more easily jammed or damaged, but I think that's what's going on.

  15. Jonathan: “The energy requirements are such that you cannot produce a shoulder fired one… …not a believable design.”
    ArcFlash Labs: “Hold my beer”

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