Firearms Expert Reacts To Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the sci-fi arsenal of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, including the legendary Smartgun, the OCAP-91 Volcan flamethrower and, of course, the iconic M4A1 Pulse Rifle.

In the latest video in the…

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  1. Not sure why the witness holes only go up to 24 on that submachine gun. With it being double stacked, a magazine of that length would hold at least 50 rounds of 9mm.

    Why would they have iron sights 200 years in the future? Why do they have them now? They're cheap, low profile, and they work. I'd imagine AR display projecting a reticle and display from a camera on the gun so there's no need to shoulder the weapon in an ambush though

  2. i guess one could say that half of the weapons are just there for "the rule of cool" lol tho they all certainly qualify for that imo, but in terms "why/what" i agree mostly without the good Sir doing the analysis * ^^ *

  3. You guys should do the AVP 2 game from the early 2000's. As for the smart gun rig for the rocket launcher, might make sense. In that in order to remove back blast the weapon now recoil instead.

  4. Just my opinion… But in a lot of military SciFi that I've read, the use of low velocity flechettes was specific for ship board use. The reason given was to punch holes in suits (non armored) but not bulkheads to preserve the integrity of the hull.

    Seems like a good excuse…

  5. I might just have been reading too much cyberpunk, but I think that riot shotgun makes a lot of sense: of course 'bullpup riot suppression shotgun' would become a well-developed niche in a world of oppressive corporations and cramped spaceships.

  6. I just assumed they'd have the shotgun strictly throwing rifled slugs or penetrator sabots. Maybe mini grenades.
    EDIT: I like that idea of a Smartgun Harnessed Squad Autoshotgun.

  7. Re: the question of xenomorph toughness, Vasquez kills a xeno with a 9mm Smith and Wesson 39 pistol in the original film, so 10mm High Explosive Armour Piercing rounds would represent a level of overkill verging on the completely comical (which is most likely why xenos hit by pulse rifle fire invariably explode into small chunks).

  8. Why are we going to keep using shotguns and iron sights in the future? Welp if your squad gets hit by an EMP device your smart guns, pulse rifles and scopes are basically gone.

  9. The .50 cal handgun's "monopod" looks to me like it folds down to stop your hand holding the front grip from slipping forward in front of the barrel and folds up so you're still able to holster the gun. Hence the pivot point being at the front end of the front grip. If that's the case though there was definitely some artistic interpretation at play because it wouldn't need to be nearly as long. It could fold up and lock into a gap halfway up the grip and that would be plenty long enough still to block the supportive hand from slipping forward when folded down, but that wouldn't look as good. Considering they hold the handgun two handed in the military and police style with one hand over the other though it may just be redirecting gases to reduce recoil and the ribs on the lower front of the gun are purely aesthetic, not for your support hand to use. Which would be a bit silly I think.

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