Diablo 2 Resurrected: Everything You Need To Know

Diablo II Resurrected is upon us and it brings the classic to consoles for the first time. The classic game’s got a brand new look as well as a few tweaks and additions to modernize the experience, so here’s everything you need to know and all the biggest changes.

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  1. Definitely not worth paying $40 for a game that plays exactly the way it did 20 some years ago
    I'll probably buy it when the price goes below $25

  2. Ok, while good to know about, all the info about the lawsuit is not why I clicked on this video. I thought I was going to hear about the game/gameplay.

  3. 21 years ago we were bringing 4 PC's over to a friends house who was older and was a very skilled Diablo Veteran. We proceeded to go once a week or so over the weekend and lan Diablo 2 focusing heavily on the expansion runs later on after Baal came out since you could powerlevel new characters in that end level. I'm sad that the remaster will not be lan capable. But that is kind of the future we are all headed into. Less and less private lobbies because we could be (exploiting) privately and lord knows what else right?

  4. The state of California is suing Blizzard? Wtf How sad after making all these games about hell that it's infact rising up against them right now. Move to another state.

  5. 3:20 combat is way different and borderline op for controller users. They no longer need to swap two abilities and left or right click to activate, they can "O O O X Triangle" where as K&M users have to "F1 Click ,F2 click, F3, click F1 clikc click click…" ect…

  6. 3:30 PC players always had a toggle to turn on those item texts on the ground… PLEASE get someone to do these videos WHO ACTUALLY PLAYED THE ORIGINAL… you make yourselves look idiotic saying things that just arent true or are misrepresented by someone who dosnt understand.

  7. I played the demo. I'm guessing this is a nostalgia thing, because the game feels and plays really dated. It's not really my thing.

  8. Is it just me or did they put limiters on summons compared to the old game? I might be remembering incorrectly but couldn’t you have like over ten ravens summoned for your Druid?

  9. This company is so toxic I suggest not buying as it most likely a same-old same-old crappy nothing new but cosmetic improvement to playing? I doubt it.

  10. You don't pickup items automatically, only gold, by walking over it. Also, there is an option to use a button (like Alt on PC) to show items, or show them for a short time, or Toggle, which turns on the item labels permanently.

  11. First of all you need to know that there are many players who still cannot even start the game due to "accidentaly added AVX suport" they don't have and which was "never meant to be a game feature". We are waiting already a whole week for a fix. Not sure how much longer it will take. Many already asked for refund. Blizzard comunicates sporadicaly and takes its time to adress this serious issue. For players with CPU without AVX support is game currently unplayable.

  12. I've played Diablo 2 since I was 2 years old. I've played majority of the mods, and still did up until my laptop got peed on by my puppy 2 years ago. Haven't been able to afford a pc since. Have no systems, to bad, I'd have loved to run us east again!

  13. The remaster is certainly higher quality, but I honestly can't decide if I actually prefer the new version. In many ways it seems to just add more detail to something which already looked good to begin with. I like the minimalist graphical style and with the remaster it feels like there's almost just too much going on and it distracts from what's going on. Not to mention that I'll now probably require some sort of supercomputer to run it, whereas the classic was perfectly happy to run on a potato with a wire sticking out of it. But who knows, maybe I'd much prefer the remaster when actually playing it.

  14. All you need to know is that they renewed the graphics but you cant play the game actually LOL, don't buy any blizzard games ever again.

  15. played classic d2 (leeching no act5 no immunities rares rule that time) had 8 chars 85+ , LoD i had 5 chars 99lvl … and 50 mules full of staff …
    i dont have the power to return from 0 and start the mf madness again especially with the 1/500 of the people online (channels were 100 + people even in -2 -3 -4 )
    and until i max out again , d4 will come out and we will flee like mfs lol
    thanks but no thanks d2

  16. It's neither a remake or à remaster, It's an upgrade or an expansion of Diablo 2 LOD now available on consolss. Existing Diablo 2 accounta are playable in resurrected because it's the same game.

  17. Why did you switch between left and right screens for original vs resurrected for the gameplay and then cinematic at the beginning? I know it's not a big part of the overall video and may be kinda petty but still.. derp!

  18. it was pretty awesome that we got diablo 1 on playstation 1. i think that it was a good call to keep some games pc exclusive. just think if they ported more to consoles like ps1 ps2 xbox xbox360 etc. pc gaming might have lost a lot of steam

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