Diablo 2 Resurrected Cinematic Trailer

We get more Diablo II Resurrected Cinematic cutscenes in this latest trailer. This time we some of Act 3, 4, and 5. Watch the transformation of the stranger into Diablo!


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  1. September, 2001… trying to get out of school early to play diablo 2….. September, 2021… trying to get off work early to play Diablo 2….. lmao.

  2. This is what we get when you put a remake in the hands of a capable developer like Vicarious Visions. Now Blizzard needs to do the same with Warcraft III, and then delete that abomination of Reforged from existence.

  3. Blizzard's old titles are truly pieces of art. They are evidences of how splendid and meticulous Blizzard used to be. Now, what remains is just…nothing more than the corrupted zombie wandering aimlessly in search of ways to feed on the old glory of the past.

  4. With trailers like this, why don't they at this point make a full length movie or a 12/13 part series, even if only for one season? All that talent, and they work for Blizzard.

  5. they should stop making games that look like 5 or 10 years ago and start doing awesome cgi movies. Blizzards cinematic trailers are always soooooooo much better then the actual game graphics.

  6. For me Diablo 3 never existed, I'm looking for Diablo IV to be continuation after Diablo II.
    I hope they learned a lesson, and won't play again on stupid cartoonish look.
    So just remember NO PREORDERS, those money aren't going to old Blizzard or Blizzard North but to greedy and corrupted Activision pockets, who are already screwing old Blizzard franchise.

  7. This is one of the biggest moments in my gaming life. Such hype. I've played this game for over 20 years, and seen the community that I once love all but die. Now it's time we reawaken that legacy.

  8. Junior high throughout high school.. the best game ever made.

    (Sigh) Must I go through opening all those 5 portals and battle through highly-skilled demons again? Come on Diablo, just show yourself and run into my armageddon. Smh

  9. today's Blizzard employees are busy hitting on underage cosplay girls in the "Cosby" suite… what the hell happened to this company? Get the A-team back out of retirement and make some real games again for God's sake (or Diablo's sake).

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