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Deathloop Review (PS5) – Is It Worth Playing?

Deathloop finally releases tomorrow after several delays, but is Arkane’s new game worth playing on PS5 and PC? Find out in our comprehensive Deathloop review! Spoilers: this is one of Arkane Studios’ best games to date.

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  1. Hey folks! Apologies. There is a typo at the end of the video saying the game is on PS4. Currently the Game is only on PS5 and PC. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. thank u game informer for deathloop gameplay ? ! review and i pre-order at death loop at gamestop online order looks fun deathloop looks like bioshock to me can't wait play death-loop on PS5!!!

  3. Playing it rn. Seems good so far.

    I’ve always liked arkane and hope their games still come to playstation along with id software games. If not? I’ll play it on pc.

  4. totally agree with this review. 10/10 for me, an absolute masterpiece. It actually makes red dead redemption 2 kind of weak in comparison because that was my game of all time, but now i've played this I can say I have a new favourite. outstanding!

  5. Didn’t give this game a moment’s consideration the other day at Best Buy. Now I wish I would’ve looked at all the amazing reviews this game is getting. I’ll have to go back and swap out for Deathloop.

  6. The AI's not responding when their cohorts are killed right next to them is probably going to kill this game for me. It doesn't matter that they supposedly respond more quickly in later game play from what I've heard. They need to respond more realistically from the beginning to not break immersion for me. That, plus the jumping on the bandwagon approach Arkane took in casting puts this in "wait for a sale" territory. Will I buy it? Yes. I love Prey and will enjoy this title to some degree, but I won't reward Arkane with anything near a full-price purchase. I did that one time with Bioshock Infinite (based on the strength of the franchise and the awesome-looking previews) and won't do it again.

  7. Too damn difficult, that's it. Period. We should be honest with ourselves, rather than celebrating any new game as a true masterpiece just because it looks good at first glance. Deathloop is undoubtedly well made and sexy-looking, but after a few hours it gets extremely frustrating, with no real progress, no end of the story in sight. Something devised and long awaited as a relaxing and entertaining videogames, has abruptedly turned into a real nightmare impossible to enjoy. Too bad.

  8. Pity the story falls so flat. It's witty but utterly lacking in emotional weight. So any attempt at conveying motives didn't really register with me because I didn't care one way or another.

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