Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Direct September 2021

Bayonetta is back, with a brand new trailer of Bayonetta beating up on a giant Kaiju. In this trailer, we see Bayonetta 3’s action gameplay as she dodges and utilizes Witch Time to rack up major combos on her enemies. Bayonetta 3 releases sometime in 2022.

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  1. Ok so I'm only recently getting into the bayontta franchise but I gotta say if I had a switch this would be the first game I would buy mainly because most of her summons are only partially summoned and if they are brought out all the way they are bound by bayonttas hair but the summons in this game seem to be fighting for bayontta of their own free will

  2. (sees Bayonetta with her glasses+twin braids+outfit)

    …I can't help but think of an alternate world Akemi Homura, but with sass/more fabulous, lol. xD

  3. Interesting to note that her main weapon/guns here are color purple (Colour My World). A combination of red (Scarborough Fair) and blue (Love Is Blue).

  4. It doesn't look like any of this is happening in Purgatorio anymore, wonder if we'll see a lot of human casualties/interactions with civilians watching Bayonetta go at it

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