Valve's Steam Deck – First Impressions

Valve’s hand-held Steam Deck has been announced with plans for a December 2021 release. Tune in as Jan from discusses his hands-on impressions with Tamoor and talks about everything from the portable console’s look and feel, to its functions and features.

Valve’s portable PC…

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  1. 00:58 a bit early to reach any conclusions about comfort. Of the 2 hours that Valve expended with media, not all that time was hands on time with the device. So saying the Switch hurts your hands & this does not when play times differ so vastly, is not a wise comparison.

  2. I am surprised to hear that you felt it was "light". The gamedeck is supposed to weigh 1.5 lb which is almost like 2 nintendo switch consoles with controllers attached

  3. they shouldve removed the touchpad and just made a portable pc console. we already have a console like experience on the pc so idk if that was such a great idea to target specifically the audience that undocks consoles.

  4. This looks like 2 broke ass people in a bunker talking about a keyboard sized handheld. "Surprisingly light". I'll stick to my switch. You can have the beefy steamdeck.

  5. Thank you for playing with gaben's deck and telling us all about it. Several times you mentioned that it's a big unit, but then go on to say it felt light in the hand. Hopefully more manufacturers hop on board this train and you can get your hands on many other decks and then get to rank and tell us which is your favorite deck and what grip style gives you the most comfort.

  6. But can you play GForce streaming service on it and easily? It’s not worth it to me to just be limited to just Steam. Otherwise I’m all about it because I don’t have a computer. Also I love how you can hook up a TV to it like the Switch.

  7. how about the gameplay display of the game itself, the fps, sharpness? pixelated or not? just curious because there is no long video reviewing about that? sorry for my bad english..

  8. I cant wait to play all the games i've had for years but on a smaller screen and sat on my bed instead of a chair! Seriously, what is everyone on with this gimmick….Am I missing something ?

  9. It's not that big… 😕 I mean judging from the og switch I'm sure this would feel 10 times more comfortable to hold in hand then the switch. its flat compared to the gripped edge of the dect.

  10. Well no, you're probably not gonna be able to use any adobe software as adobe actively seems to despise Linux and refuse to allow their software to work on it even through wine. It technically will just barely run, but is extremely broken and requires many workarounds to even get started with it. And a lot of that falls squarely on Adobe. If you want video editing on linux, black magic's divinchi resolve or kdenlive are likely your two best bets. For photoshop you're likely looking at gimp or krita depending on your specific usecase.

  11. Game Gear was my console back in the day. All the kids had game boys with their monochrome screen's at school.
    I'd wip out my Game Gear and have the whole class swarm my desk. XD
    Steam Deck is the answer to that nostalgia for me.

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