Tales Of Arise Preview

Tales of Arise feels like the biggest step forward in the Tales series so far, and we delve into its world through this hands-on chapter one preview.


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  1. I loved tales of symphonia on GameCube when I was younger. Haven't really played much tales since. This looks pretty interesting though. I think I'll be getting this.

  2. I know the instanced combat is how Tales have always been, but I kinda wish they would change the combat to non-instance to modernize it a bit. Kinda like FF or Xenosaga etc.

  3. I hope it'll be co-op because I really love that part of the game considering I've been playing almost all Tales Of games with my younger brother.

  4. I guess i'll hear "demon fang" million times… If 1 encounter i use it about 4-5times.. and sick 😵😵… "Try harder" too..the voice loop … 😂😂

  5. I was trying to get into Tales of Abyss recently after tons of recommendations online.

    Man.. that thing demands patience
    .. and I don’t know what I’m still waiting for. The characters are cookie cutter stereotypes that serve the plot rather than themselves.
    The structure never deviates from ‘town-dialogue-tedious dungeon- boss’ rince and repeat. The overworld is as bland and barren as it gets, with about two completely linear locations per region.

    I guess it all comes down to the game’s total inability to deviate from its own established formulas.

    Sorry to crap on what is surely many folks’ favourite Tales game. But I guess I’ve just been spoiled for choice these days. The franchise has hardly attempted to evolve since it’s GameCube/ PS2 days. In my opinion, not entirely for the best.

  6. I hope its as good as Symphonia/Vesperia. I know everyone likes his own Tales of game but those 2 have what I love about the series.

  7. I have a question. I've never played a Tales game before and this looks really good, do i have to know to story of the others or is it a non related story game?

  8. this has been my most anticipated game when xbox teased this game at their conference… when i saw tales in the title, i knew i was getting so hyped. as a person that played tales of berseria, this feels like a definite step up in the next direction.

  9. Yay! We can jump finally! That’s all I ever wanted in a tales game lol. That and the battles are much improved. Overall this game seems great and I’m actually looking forward to it. I really like the main guy, his design, voice, and dialogue. So far none of the characters are annoying so that’s a plus lol. I couldn’t stand the main character in Tales of Berseria (I watched some of the anime but couldn’t finish) so I didn’t go for that one.

  10. Oh my god, i cannot NOT love this game already. I was soo glued to the screen during the gameplay section. And i LOVE how they interact with each other.

  11. This will be my first Tales game. I played though the demo 5 times just messing around with all the characters and taking in the beautiful environments and atmosphere. Gave me the same feeling I felt when I first tried DQXI. Rich, vibrant world and a cast full of characters I want to spend time getting to know. Can't wait!

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