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Tales of Arise (Lord Balseph BOSS FIGHT) – New Gameplay Today

Tales of Arise is an upcoming action RPG with a release date of September 10. Join the Game Informer crew as they show off the game’s early Lord Balseph boss fight in this episode of New Gameplay Today!

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  1. I thought this game is called Tales of Arisa, but now I figured I was mixing it with Atelier Ryza's pronounciation and mixed Arise and Ryza 😀

  2. Game looks great, except I hate all the transition.. going from free roaming to initiating combat that pause dislike that.., and the cutscene fading to black..ugh..c'mon guys it all should be seamless..

  3. I just wish for puzzles to be back in the dungeons, the boring formula of random corridors with treasure chests at the end is ridiculous compared to the amazing dungeons of older tales of games!

  4. …The fact that people are just kinda..looking at this and accepting the mediocrity is crazy.

    AAA graphics and suddenly everyone just forgets how to make a Tales game.

  5. 3:56 When you say you can play any character you want in this title, do you mean being able to swap between characters on the go mid combat like in the title Dragon Age? Or do you change your main controllable character at a rest point etc? Anyone knowledgeable about it please let me know

  6. Dido no treasure chest left behind I've been tale kinda fan so glad they updated more like final fantasy slash tales and other RPGs looks so fun great ofcourse not played yet till sept 9 but love this great coverage thanks

  7. Wonder what Law's special ability is since I an very familiar with how Jude Mathis fights although if the targeting system is different from how like Millia casted spirited artes like Fireball then I'll try all characters if this game

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