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Sonic Colors: Ultimate – New Gameplay Today (4K)

One of the Blue Blur’s most popular adventures is making a comeback with Sonic Colors: Ultimate. Join Shea and Stadnik as they preview some new glorious 4K gameplay and discuss our hands-on impression ahead of the game’s September 7 release…

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  1. They insist in this formula, same game mechanic from sonic from Dreamcast… Give us a classic plataform with good graphics, not this ridiculos scripted 3d mobile style running game

  2. "The best 3D Sonic Game". Okay, I liked Sonic Forces and Lost World but I understand why people don't like em, but what about Sonic Unleashed and Generations?

  3. this remaster looked rushed. I dont recall Colors on the Wii to look this unfinished. that games beautiful and they should've just ported it to 4K. not let some new team f with it.

  4. Ok this is a small detail, but I honestly thought that the player icons were just gonna be some basic sonic pictures, but to get some more love to so many other franchises was pretty nice to see.

  5. Wait they've gotten rid of motion controls? Worst port can't swing my keyboard around

    Jk but the original Wii version didn't firce motion controls it supported GameCube and pro controllers so that's nothing new

  6. Motion controls weren't really a big part in the original, more a way to fill in for missing buttons. And they weren't going to include motion controls in the other platform releases of this title anyways.

  7. the fact that y'all said colors was the last good 3d sonic games since sa2 invalidates anything you said in this video

  8. If Sega ever does Sonic Generations Ultimate they need to add more reimagined zones because as good as that game is, it’s way too short.

  9. Eh.

    They'd hit the jackpot more if they would remaster unleashed. Or even give it a remake with extra dlc. Seriously that game brought the best sonic out whether he was werehog or not. And I enjoyed the werehog a lot.

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