Saints Row Reboot Reveal Trailer | Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021

Check out the reveal for the Saints Row reboot. It was unveiled during Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2021.

We got a brief glimpse of gameplay for the latest outlandish entry into the Saints Row series. Expect rivals with gangs and a brand new city to use as your personal playground. The brand…

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  1. For me personally, the art style can work, however, and a really big HOWEVER, these characters' designs, specifically, the "Saints" is straight up as dookie water. None of them don't even look threatening at all. Hell Pierce looked more menacing than this game's "Boss" (Player character)…

    I'm definitely not buying this shit, while Saints Row 4 did some wacky shit, AT LEAST they included the cast from prior games that had development so it was tolerable.

    Saints Row 2 > Saints Row (OG) > Saints Row 4 (Gameplay is the ONLY reason its #3 for me) >> Saints Row 3 >> Gat Out of Hell (?Never played¿) >>> "Saints Row? Or whatever"

  2. Interesting! This trailer made me wanna install and play saints row 2 and forget about brand new shallow saints row game. I'm disappointed Volition….

  3. …….. they literally have the guy in the cat mask say that they’re “ building a criminal enterprise” so clearly this isn’t a already established gang. You’re gonna be making a name for yourself and the saints as u okay. So they do look like beginners that don’t know anything……. Cause they are…..

  4. XDefiant and now Saint's Row. There seems to be a trend of misfires in desecrating the aesthetics and tone that made certain brands popular. Hopefully all the negative reactions lead them to just create new franchises if they want to go down this goofy hipsters with guns route.

  5. Boooooooooooooo!!!!!!! THROW IT OFF A CLIFF 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. I just want to play Saints Row, I don't care what people say about this trailer. Saints Row Four was them literally conquering space, a reboot makes sense to me. What else could they possibly do?
    This is a cinematic trailer, either this is going to be a cut scene or it's not even going to be in the game at all. I'm not going to judge it based on this. As long as Volition is making the game, I'm buying it.
    Saints Row Four was a huge departure from the "usual" Saints Row game, I enjoyed it, not as much as three, and definitely not as much as 2 (which was my favorite), but I still like 4. I'm just really looking forward to a new Saints Row game. I'm sad I have to wait until Feb. to get it, but at least it gives me time to get a new job, so I have money for the game by Feb.🙌

  7. This is a game designed by people who know they are not popular but desperately want to be. They are imitating what they see when someone else calls something cool but are too mentally deficient to understand why. These characters are the ones who die horrifically at the gang tryouts, not main characters. They are the sidewalk NPCs that the player runs over without a second thought. This game is the symptom of creatives who don't want to change who they are and secretly believe that they have little value, and hope that they can get external validation from others by integrating themselves into already successful works.

  8. you know a week ago I said "I wish they would reboot the saints row franchise" I guess the saying is true be careful for what you wish for

  9. [РУС]
    В ответ на то что мы поставили большое количество дислайков под трейлером, разработчики "назвали нас хейтерами и сказали что будут делать игру такой какой они сами захотят".
    Так вот "покупайте тогда эту игру сами"!!!

    In response to the fact that we put a large number of dislikes under the trailer, the developers " called us haters and said that they would make the game the way they themselves want."
    So "then buy this game yourself"!!!

  10. This trailer needs more librarians glasses and side shaved heads with the super edgy wave on top. Also, the white, muscular gentlemen doesn't look oppressing enough and that hurts my feelings.

    Also, how dare you use Public Enemy in this trailer. You're not worthy.

  11. it's good to see they are representing Asian people correctly, everyone knows that we all come out of the womb with digital anime helmets.

  12. I'm stealing this game when it comes out just so I can break it in my hand and burn it. I don't wanna see this on any shelf in gamestop walmart or even target. (I'm warning you volition!)

  13. Saints Row what no this looks like watch dogs LOL stop appealing to kids and then rated M for mature the mature people prefer the OG Saints Row

  14. Not really getting any type of "3rd Street SAINTS!," vibe from them. Like, it all looks so…soft? Like the jump from sr2 to sr3. Idk if it's the smoother/cartoony(?) animation, but I need grit. They don't give gang vibes at all. Even as a, "high tech start up." Watch dogs 2 feels better than this. I know you want to blend the current times but come on. We want blood. Blood in, blood out. I'm not saying don't take note of the current generation, but keep in mind that SR has a certain look and expectation already. You don't have to make it soft. Is RDR2 soft? Hell, the MCU gets dark. They really should have retconned sr3-4 as another coma dream and carried on from 2. Hell, you could have made a new protagonist that is the kid of the old boss, just for something new, young, but connected.

    I look at this and think," I'm happy Carlos is dead so he doesn't have to be a part of this.😅"

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