Saints Row Full Presentation | Gamescom ONL 2021

In this Gamescom presentation of the latest Saint Row, we got all new details about Saints Row. A full cinematic trailer, interview, and gameplayer teaser were all shown. The brand new Saints Row releases February 25th, 2022.


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  1. A bit dissapointing but I will still play it. Hopefully these new characters have the same amount of depth and personality as the original characters (not including Agents Of Mayham). I would hate for Saints Row to end up like COD Zombies where they pretty much got rid of the character's personalities so it feels like you're just playing as some random soldier instead of a fully fleshed-out character with a personality and a backstory

  2. Man I've been doing research and found out this game is gonna be an Epic game store exclusive. Which means Epic has already paid for the development of this game, so in reality any amount sold is profit. That's why they changed the look and took the saints out of saints row. And look the Epic game store is giving away tg saints row the third remastered free right now. It's a sad time right now. This is bullshit man

  3. People really want to stay rooted in the past. No better than old people who say "well back in my day" 🙄 game looks fun to me. Different but I'll give it a try.

  4. This trailer is probably the most corniest game trailer I ever seen. If GTA and Fortnite had a baby together this would be it, a complete abomination. The production and development team clearly dont know what they are doing. RIP to the Saints Row franchise.

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