QuakeCon 2021 Day One | Quake, Deathloop, Doom Eternal Panels, And More

QuakeCon kicks off with a celebration of 25 years of Quake, a deep dive into Deathloop, panels on Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online, and an update on Doom Eternal from Marty and Hugo.

11:00 AM PT – Welcome to Quakecon 2021
11:05 AM PT – Celebrating 25 years of Quake with id…

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  1. Big questions that I hope I find out in my life time….What happened to the dwarves? Are we ever going to visit and see Akaviri?? I hope for the next Scrolls game, we are able to re-visit Skyrim/Cyrodil!

  2. Why won’t Bethesda do a fallout 3 special edition and a fallout new Vegas special edition and a morrowind special edition and a oblivion special edition skyrim is not Bethesda’s only popular game I see a fallout 4 poster in the background on the wall beside the Skyrim poster and it’s more likely will get a fallout 4 special edition with mod support somewhere down the line I’m also very excited for starfield and the elder scrolls 6 and fallout 5 and possibly a new Obsidian fallout spinoff like new Vegas

  3. “Let make the combat meet the hammer”

    Yeah why didnt you do that in the actual dlc itself?

    Now im forcing myself to not use the hammer just to give the demons a bit of an advantage
    tag 2 is so light on combat that i bet even casual switch players can beat it on ultranightmare

  4. Imagine Skyrim with raytracing, and I mean proper pathtracing to make our PC systems chug like back in the days if you wanted to play at max settings, and with upgraded character models to replace the lifeless game characters. That is "all" they need to do. 😛

  5. My only problem is you keep releasing all these expansions for ESO on PS4 but when I go to buy an upgrade it doesn't lower the price if you already own it. I accidentally purchased 2 of the same DLCs because one package had the same content of the other y'all need to fix that. ASAP I never even got my money back.

  6. The guy seas well we listen to our players feedback and everything no they don't if they did we would have free nondedicated servers and everything utility wouldn't be put behind a pay wall after they lied and sead well everyone in the comunity wanted to pay for utility items there greedy and fallout 1st deserve to be shutdown

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