Naraka Bladepoint – 11 Minutes of Gameplay

Here’s a quick look at Naraka: Bladepoint before you jump into the fray.

Naraka: Bladepoint is a 60-player action battle royale game with a variety of melee, ranged weapons, abilities, and unique movement options. There’s a lot to unpack, but here’s a quick look at Naraka: Bladepoint before…

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  1. Yoto without attack jade is painful to watch.and learn to parry,woman.also use something easier than spear,high damage and easy to aim,a great sword would do the trick

  2. Anyone know if the combat is like Age of Wushu, cancels, power moves and such? 'Cause the game has a similar ui and at style. I miss that game before it got p2w $100 cash shop sets.

  3. ngl this will look a hell lot better as a free game. this sort of quality is good, but just simply doesn't cut it as a paid game with microtransactions to boot.

  4. Use my referral code when you login to the game for the first time for extra rewards! (Only works after you create your name in-game) Code – "chyfncnqdq"

  5. I saw a trailer where someone made handsome squidward and I'm totally here solely for that reason lol. The game looks ooookay, I don't like battle royal type games. But I like handsome Squidward. And if Handsome Squidward is part of this battle royal. Then me and the Gizards are gonna have to try it out XD.

  6. Best game ever add torchbearer key chqxk3pq6q for exclusive tarka ji firecloak and add darkoshi for 4 free legendary skins of ur choosing I will send for helping. Cheers.:)

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