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Lost Judgment (PS5) | New Gameplay Today

Lost Judgment is the upcoming sequel to Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s action game that debuted in 2018. Join the Game Informer Crew for this episode of New Gameplay Today, wherein they show off their hands-on footage of Lost Judgment on PS5.

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  1. This game looks great, but I'm not crazy about the blue and red light when you fight. Should be more realistic in my opinion.

  2. If this game never had all the colourful flashes it would be amazing if the combat was more realistic and crunchy sadly they don’t make games like that anymore otherwise this would be my favourite game rather than never playing one

  3. Who tf put Yagami on crack, those combo speeds GOT DAYUM. And those style switches are downright goofy but honestly pretty good for speeding up the flow of combat.

  4. Looks as fun as the first one but are those graphics really from a PS5 version or from the PS4? Cause those don't look really any better than the PS4 version i'm playing right now lol

  5. this really sucks to see, because he's so mediocre in combat, gameplay being talked over by people who aren't fans of the series at all. saying you think "like a dragon" is good is so irrelevant when you consider the 6 games that came before it. I just hope they'd get people more familiar with the games to do these videos

  6. I have never played any of these series before, but for some reason i get back and watching gameplay 1000 times, something attracts me to this game, but i havent pulled the trigger yet to buy any of these games. Should i play like Yakuza first?

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