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Jurassic World Evolution 2: Unlocking The Mosasaurus – New Gameplay Today

The Game Informer crew checks out Jurassic World Evolution 2 in this episode of New Gameplay Today. Watch them unlock the new Lagoon feature and unleash the water-based Mosasaurus, which is prominent in the latest Jurassic Park movies.

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  1. Big tip: Buy this game when the game has lots of added features, fixes and then get all the DLC and full game combined version when its on sale. Good luck.

  2. Looks like it runs well, but will be buggy as hell like the last game. I refuse to buy these games that never get fixed and they just create some new buggy game instead to cash cow the franchise.

  3. I absolutely loved the first game. When I learned that this was being made, I got very excited… and then let out a fan-girl screech when I saw the aquatic and flying dinos were being included in this one. In the first one, the thing I wanted most of all (besides a Velociraptor paddock, and I love my little hunters) was an aquarium and an aviary, and I'm super jazzed that it can finally happen.

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