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Jeff Goldblum RETURNS To Discuss Jurassic World Evolution 2 | Interview

Jeff Goldblum RETURNS to Game Informer! The iconic actor discusses his role in Jurassic World Evolution 2 and shares where he would build his own Jurassic Park in the United States in this interview.

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  1. jeff is awesome.
    i hope he has a bigger part in the next movie then in the last 1.
    he was a big part of the advertising for the last movie and we got fuck all

  2. In JPE, hearing the Williams score and the many voice clips from Ian Malcolm really elevated the experience. This interview was entertaining.

  3. I found the Ian Malcolm character in the JP novel to be rather dull and humourless, seemingly used as a vehicle for Crichton to lecture the reader. But in the JP film Goldblum gives flourish, humour and quirkiness to the character that makes him come alive. Although much of that was owed to the film’s script (which differed substantially from the novel), I struggle to think of any other actor who could have turned such a bland character into such a vivid one.

  4. After playing Jurassic World Evolution, i decide to rewatch all jurassic park movies! And it make me more and more curious about this sweet person! A couple of monts ago I would never imagine how much is good to have more Jeff Goldblum in our lifes!

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