Halo Infinite Full Presentation | Gamescom ONL 2021

Joseph Staten, Head of Creative on Halo Infinite joined Geoff Keighley to discuss the upcoming game, and explained the latest multiplayer was for the first season of content. He announced that Halo Infinite’s campaign and multiplayer both release December 8, 2021.

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  1. This should worry every halo fan, they spent months making this dumb trailer that’s not going to be a real moment you experience in the game, all to build hype for their free multiplayer, while they’re gonna release an unfinished early access single player campaign for full price, this tells me their still in the mindset of halo 5, that being the business of making money, not games.

  2. They need to stop playing and show us the campaign already! All the other stuff is just a side dish. We all want the main course with ray tracing!

  3. Wait, multiple Spartans fighting in London against the Covenant?

    When did this happen? There were only multiple Spartans in Cuba at the time of the invasion as depicted in First Strike.

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