Diablo II vs Diablo II Resurrected Cinematics Side by Side Comparison (Act 1 and Act 2)

With Diablo II: Resurrected, Blizzard is giving the original action RPG a major overhaul with new visuals and music, offering a more definitive take on the dark-fantasy adventure. The developers have released the first look at the remaster’s updated Act 1 and 2 opening cinematics, and we figured…

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  1. New ones are clearly better, people seem to trying very hard to fill the shortcomings of old cinematics with their imagination. It's such an extreme effort to "like" old one more, it is almost frightening. The same effort made this game real that's for sure, so it may not be so evil. Let them face the all bugged and imbalanced skill+item system that they hyped/missed so much!

    Again this is something Blizzard was always capable. In game story telling ? Never good. Cinematics ? Always.

  2. Obviously the new is better since the graphics are superior but they missed a lot of details that was in the original and really helped build a great atmosphere. I don't know why they keep on changing stuff like that. Just remaster it and stop add/remove stuff. This game was one of the best ever made so stop messing with it.

  3. There are certain aspect where the original looks better, especially some of Mariu's expressions. The Remaster of course looks good, it lacks at grabbing the fear of the Wanderer. Still good tho.

  4. I’d take 50/50 honestly. The graphics are amazing here and there for looks, but for some damn reason….certain old scenes were better…can’t explain it. New tech can’t fix old history.

  5. I am not impressed. Do the the ressurected cinematics look good? Yes. But the original have more emotion and soul to it, one could, and still can, feel what was going on there. The ressurected cinematic … generic at best.

  6. Don't Buy this game unless you wanna wait 4hours in a Queue and then have a chance of it crashing and starting you back at the end of the line. 3 weeks of Major hours long Queues!! Stay away from this one. Sad to say but true.

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