Call of Duty Vanguard Alpha Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for Call of Duty Vanguard which announces its first Alpha for PlayStation players coming on August 27th-29th. It includes the new mode Champion Hill which features 8 teams in 4 arenas. Fight on Airstrip, Trainyard, Market, and Courtyard. In addition, there is 2v2…

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  1. How are people going crazy over a ww2 red dot sight when zombies and a raygun are canon to this storyline. Like you guys know cod is over the top and fiction right?

  2. Community: Done over it, need something new and fun from cod, Tired of the same shit.
    Also community: Buys day 1(or pre-order plays beta and complains), complain through out the game's life cycle, wait for another COD for the cycle to continue.
    Me: Gamer Brain simple mode activate, Shoot all the things and die sometimes and have a good time playing a game.

  3. wtf happened to COD, damn just how they butchered this series. Activision-Blizzard deserves the shit they're getting, look at this low quality cashgrab bullshit they are calling call of duty.

  4. I feel bad for COD this year i mean BF is doing way better honestly and you can just remake this in Portal. So yeah oof COD

  5. LoL black people in WW2 they dont fight in WW2 all what they are good is to dont work nothing,and be on social help xD
    It is insult for people who fight in ww2,

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