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Astria Ascending | New Gameplay Today

Astria Ascending assembles a powerhouse of JRPG developers to form a new title that takes inspiration from the Bravely Default an Final Fantasy series. But is it fun to play? Join Kim and Stadnik as they discuss their hands-on time with the…

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  1. The game reminds me greatly of Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey from the FF devs. It's almost a 1-to-1.

    Edit: In case it’s not obvious, I’m being sarcastic, because I’m salty since it’s just a 1-to-1 port, but the one in the appstore got removed and is now unplayable…

  2. Nah. Japan not COMMITTING to their JRPGs enough. And so we get this game on PC and console… but it looks like a mobile game. And I don't even like the character designs, personally. Then when they finally make a banger like SMT V, they make it Nintendo exclusive smh.

  3. ok i was a bit worried about this game at first cuz all i saw was the combat and thought it was gonna be like a mobile game, but now seeing the metroidvania style level system, i am intrigued, though personally i'd have prefered a side scrolling action game, but this'll be fun

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