Aliens: Fireteam Elite Essential Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you survive in the war against the Xenomorphs

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is finally out, and while the game looks like a simple action experience on the surface, it’s actually full of deep character customization, varied enemies, and impressive weapons to…

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  1. Unless you can do it that I haven't figured out a way I like playing with the AI but I wish you could outfit your whole team. I was a gunner at first and now I can't get past the end of the third level so I started doing the demolisher because he has heavy weapons. I just don't feel like playing the game all over again.

  2. I played about 30 hours, have all the guns in the game so far. For future update, they should put more story campaign and add more horde mode defense maps, up to 6 players for extreme or insane difficulty.

  3. help anyone, i have just completed the gift of fire: mission 3 Boarding. but it will not go onto the next level, so is there any reason or I'm missing something

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