33 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Another round of secrets you probably don’t know about in Breath of the Wild! This time we dive into ways you can steal swift carrots in Kakariko Village, putting yourself in a Lynel’s shoes, and a secret lava puddle right next to the great plateau.

In the video above, we cover 33 tips and…

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  1. Don’t know why I forgot that Ancient Arrows work as well in the last tip.. Anyways hope you learned something new today! Let us know what your favorite thing you learned this time!

  2. the second line of the sheet music is for lost woods theme in ocarina of time, i know because i can play the song and instantly recognised it

  3. BoTW and skyrim are so similar in the sense that, even years after release, people are still finding glitches, bugs, easter eggs and secrets

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